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Inclusion Diversity Education & Advocacy in Science

"Collaboration, Not Competition"

IDEAS Student Society, (Inclusion, Diversity, Education, and Advocacy in Science) is an academic club for Arizona State University Online (ASUO) science majors that fosters an inclusive community, peer support, networking, and encourages the furthering of academic goals. IDEAS aims to create a safe, welcoming, and supportive community environment to encourage personal and academic success among members.

Founded in 2019 by a group of individuals seeking community and inclusion, IDEAS is intended to be a gathering place for ASUO undergraduate science majors. We strive to provide a community for online students studying science that values inclusivity, offers peer support, networking, and encourages the furthering of academic goals.

IDEAS advocates for the needs of our student population, including pre-health, pre-professional, students seeking post-undergraduate goals such as Medical School, Veterinarian School, Dental School, and a rapidly growing community of science majors.

Diversity in the sciences includes the addition of non-traditional students. The online Biochemistry and Biological Sciences programs are ever-growing and quickly redefining higher education. We are fighting to gain recognition in the greater professional and scientific community. We will advocate for our inclusion and that our education is just as legitimate as one gained by an on-campus student.

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