Inclusion, Diversity, Education, & Advocacy in Science

"Collaboration, Not Competition"

Biological Sciences, Biochemistry, Health Sciences, Engineering, Mathematics, Sustainability, Psychology, Forensic Sciences, Computer Sciences, and Anthropology are just a few of the majors we would love to see in our society!

IDEAS Student Society was founded in 2019 with the intention to provide a gathering place for Arizona State University Online STEM students. Our community values inclusivity, diversity, education, and advocacy in science. Within IDEAS, our group offers student support and encourages student achievement and goal completion.

Inclusion: Our society is welcome to any and all STEM majors within ASU Online. Whether your degree is undergraduate or graduate, we provide a community for those interested in joining us!

Diversity: Our community consists of many different types of individuals with various backgrounds and academic or professional goals. We actively provide a range of opportunities and resources for our members, with differing topics and specialties.

Education: As a recognized student society at ASU, we strive for educational achievement and success. As a community, we come together, help each other, and always support one another in our academic endeavors.

Advocacy: We advocate for online STEM students and represent a powerful, strong willed society that continues to prove that STEM students are valid and well-respected majors.

Science: Science is an ever growing field that will continue to stretch into the future. Here at IDEAS, online research and advancing sciences are integral parts of why we all have chosen to enter the STEM fields.

Upcoming Events

-OH Hours every Thursday at 7 PM AZ time!
-OH Hour EURO edition. Sundays at 11 AM MST / 7 PM CET.