Seasonal Activities

"We Wear Blue on Wednesday"

"Spooky STEM" 2023

"Fall is in the Air" 2023

Haunts and Harvest: IDEAS Members Share Their Spellbinding Decor!

We asked our members to pick their potion for the Fall Flavor Face-Off:

Apple Cider vs. Pumpkin Spice

  IDEAS Members: Embrace the Spirit! 

Halloween Decor, Anytime, Anywhere! 

IDEAS Members Spill the Steamy Secrets: Fall Comfort Soups for Your Soul!

Summer 2023

Spring Egg Decorating

Nicolette's Egg

Jonina's Eggs

Alexandria's Eggs

Susan's Egg

Jessica's Eggs

Skylar's Egg

-OH Hour: Comfy Crafts

Alexandria's Acrylic Painting

Susan's Watercolor Painting

Jonina's Cross Stitch In Progress

Enyce's Origami

Nicolette's Drawings

Fallon's Drawing

Nailed It: Gingerbread House Edition



Devyn - WINNER!



-OH Hour: Winter Games Edition - Scribblio