IDEAS Alumni Testimonials

Jacquie Krause

IDEAS allowed me to connect with people who had the same passions and drive. Seeing these other people succeed and thrive in the face of their own challenges was inspiring and absolutely pushed me to look at grad school beyond the programs that I had initially applied to.

Sarah Earwood

IDEAS allowed me to connect with peers, ask questions, and really read about others experiences and opportunities.

Amy Reyes

As a nontraditional student and a career changer IDEAS was one of my primary ties to ASU and to a community of passionate STEM students from diverse backgrounds. There were several other students who, like me, were working towards a first or second bachelors degree in their 30s after working in another field. Many who also shared the goal of applying to medical school. Those further down that path provided inspiration, encouragement and great advice. I fully believe I would not be an MS2 at my dream med school now if it weren’t for ASU and IDEAS.

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